Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pretty Things - Old Favorites pt1

Some of my favorites from earlier posts. I wanted to give you guys something to look at while Skill and I prepare for our San Diego adventure.

Yes Maddie, Skill is back! ;)


Skilled4Men said...

An incredibly awesome assortment here - 2nd to last REALLY caught my eye! See you soon Sweetie!!! ...and Maddie, we will have to catch-uP!

mistress maddie said...

Big Kisses to the sexy Skill!!!!! I would LOVE to be a fly out there to see the trouble you two will get into!!!!!!!!! I wonder if any leather bars will be in the future? And there is just something sexy about that guy in the stockings.........they will come in handy in a couple of ways :)

Jim said...

As they say on FB, "like" :)