Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Ok, my story is coming along nicely but the deadline is within days of my upcoming move! I must have rocks in my head, literally.

I spend an hour in the morning packing my hundreds (thousands?) of books. Then I get little dude up for school. That gives me an hour to work on the story and get ready for my E.D.J. That's Evil Day Job if you didn't know. ;)

After work is the boy's kung fu class. Have I mentioned how VERY hot his Chinese instructor is? It's little dude's only after school activity since the child is NOT into group sports. Dinner is a quick salad or stir fry (or a burger if I can talk him into it).

I can get an hour of packing done while little dude's floating in the tub. A bit of quality time for little dude before bed and I have about an hour to write before I crash and the whole thing starts all over.

I am so ready for the move to be done. ;)

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