Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pretty Things

Omg, I have been spazzing and loving it. I have re-written the point of view on my story about 3 times now, if I behave I will make the deadline...snickers (not that behaving is necessarily gonna happen. lol)

I will be moving soon. I have had quite enough of Sacramento. I need to be back in San Diego. I really, really do. Southern California is one of the few places my squirrel-on-crack hyperactivity won't even raise an eyebrow. Also, I will get to see Pretty, Pretty Things, like these.

The last pic was just too much fun. ;)



mistress maddie said...

It's so nice to have you back, missed you lots! And good luck with the move, maybe some of these hottie will be neighbors!

Smooth Jock said...

can you please send that top one right over???!!! He's stunning!

Sassy said...


I can only hope, right?


Take a ticket honey, the line is forming to the right. ;)