Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pretty Things

I have a new project. It is going to be fantastically, wonderfully campy and I am SO EXCITED. ;)


adammm said...

nice. i like when you're happy. you bring us such luscious men then.

mistress maddie said...

ow,ow, Let me guess! Your going to direction a all male cast in porn!!!!! Well, I want to be the fluffer!!! May as well do something your good at! Love the tasty morsels too!

Sassy said...

LOL Adamm,
I am so sorry I am moody love. You are right though and I happen to be in an excellent mood atm. ;)


Not quite that cool, although I would love to "direct" something with Adam Killian. I am so waiting for my paycheck to buy Assassins. :D