Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pretty Things

I will be trying to post something everyday this week in celebration of my anniversary.
These are my happy thoughts!


Spartan said...

So many great pictures in this post Sassy but the first one is the one that caught my eye the most; in shape body sweating with jockstrap! outstanding pic!

have a great weekend

love from Spartan

Sassy said...

Thanks Spartan.
Glad you won the computer battle love. I've missed seeing you around.

Nick said...

great choice of pics, thanks

Paul said...

pretty things you have here indeed


Not just pretty but hot! Nice to warm me up in the cold weather we are having here!

Sassy said...

Nick, thanks love. Glad you enjoyed.

Paul, they certainly put a smile on my face this morning. ;)

Sorry to hear you are having cold weather. It is in the 90's here :(
I don't care though. I would still take any of these delicious men and work up my own heatwave.

Jim said...

Happy Anniversary :) #4 looks a bit like Ryan Reynolds but I like them all!

mistress maddie said...

I picked a great first blog to read and got caught up on with yours, and a Happy Blogoversary!?! Is that a word? And where to begin except you have left me breathless with this collections of finger licking goodness! Love the first one, but the second remind me of my young days down by the waterfront.....if I had a wooden nickel for every sailor blown, why I could build a, a, well,something pretty big!!!!

Sassy said...

It's so hard to keep up with all different names the models use. I got the pics from a vintage site and who know what other names he has been called ;)

Thank you and welcome back sweetie, you have been missed.
As far as being busy on the waterfront, if we had pictures of your sexy self with all those sailors, we could be paying someone else to build something big. LOL.