Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pretty Things

It's funny how you select pictures based on mood.
I am feeling a bit mischievious at the moment and looking for something to get into.
These Pretties would be great to either harass a bit or get into trouble with. ;)


adammm said...

mmmm, yes. maybe a threesome then? or more? *grin*

Sassy said...

Adammm, I like the way you think ;)

Lucien said...

Oh let me be this last one !

Eric Arvin said...

I once had those rower shorts in pic #1, except in green...and I didn't look quite as good.

Sassy said...


I believe we've had this discussion love. Just say the word. ;)


Sweetie, I bet you were completely adorable in them.

CoreyJo said...

Oh I could definitely get into some trouble with these pretties!! Love Adam and his Partner, and the last one....damn!!

Great post Sassy


Sassy said...

Thanks Coreygirl.

Be headed your way in a bit. I have 4 days of missed posts to catch up on. lol.

Nick said...

the last one is waiting for me ladies...BBL ;)

Sassy said...

Have fun Nick ;)

RafaDe said...

Hey, Sassy,

These boys remind me of Sunday afternoons after a late night Saturday that somehow ended in the wee early light of Sunday morning...

a little hair of the ass that bit ya, cures all ails!

Especially when wrapped in leather, with ear to the ground and ass frothing at the chops to bite down on ME!



Sassy said... the image you paint Raf. I wouldn't have any problem at all with these boys being a "morning after". ;)