Tuesday, May 3, 2011


There are simply no other words.



Spartan said...

Oh dear! not much i can add to that Sassy except to say America is a land of extreme views by a lot of blinkered people.

It all go's back to what i say: what is this thing with labelling people into slots? real life is not like that, it's neither black nor white, it's a shade all in the middle. People are turned on by male, female, or both, at all different times of their lives and for a lot of different reasons, so for these idiots to make these sweeping statements really annoys me.

Why don't they go and do something useful with their time like creating loads and loads of decent quality, decent paying jobs for people instead of concentrating their attention on an issue as personal as sexuality?

Total morons!

love Spartan

CoreyJo said...

Are you kidding me? These are the same idiots that say, when a girl is raped, she asked for it by what she was wearing. Total crap. There already isn't enough room in jail for all the murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and what nots. And this man want's to send people to jail for 10 years for being gay? Really, I mean seriously people, who do we have running our country? What's wrong with our government when all they want to do is punish the people instead of helping the ones who need help,like the homeless, jobless, the hungry & sick. This man's thought proccess kinda reminds me of a certain German Dictator: punish those whose don't fit into my narrow minded view of what a person should be. That didn't turn out so well, and I don't think this will either.

Sorry for going off, but that was just ridiculous.


Spartan said...

Great stuff CJ and the parallel's between this kind of thinking and the Nazi philosophy are there for all to see.

Once you start going down this slippery slope it's the road to doom, as in people being killed for their religion, belief's, and now, if these morons get what they want, being whacked into jail for not conforming to what these idiots think "normal" sexuality is!

How blinkered, how evil and how totally corrupt and unfeeling these creeps are.


Skilled4Men said...

Ignorance is one of the worst diseases... With all the advances made in our "Modern World", how unfortunate to know it is still an epidemic!

I'd like to add the following quote, which has a permanent place on my blog...

"My sexuality is my own sexuality. It doesn't belong to anybody. Not to my government, not to my brother, my sister, my family. No." —Ashraf Zanati, arrested in Egypt after attending a same-sex wedding

RafaDe said...

Would we get our own jail?

I mean...

3 squares a day, bags and bags of salty balls and all the man treats to snack on to our hearts delight, personal gym, access to the best libraries in the world, Oprah re-runs 'till our poopers start to pucker AND think of all the "straight" prison guards we could mesmerize with our magical, gay sticks!

Could you 'magine if one of us broke out?!? We could bust out the back door, HAHA! "FOX NEWS ALERT!!! Mother's, keep your boys inside, cover their eyes and wrap up their assholes, so invitingly succulent, in bullet proof unders! There's a gay on the loose and is known to be cocked and dangerous."

Dude probably speaks from experience...can't stair a hard, bent cock in the face and not get a bit dizzy with lust, as it bobs methodically back and forth, "suck it...lick it...turn your ass over, I promise to fuck it."

...or something like that.