Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pretty Things

The rooftop pics were a special request I was happy to oblige.

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CoreyJo said...

Love the roof tops, but since it's Adam & a givin they don't count. I'd have to say 2nd from bottom, butt w/the boots, is my favorite today.

Beautiful post


Sassy said...

Hey Corey,

That pic is self-portrait by the photographer/model. Pretty hot eh?

CoreyJo said...

Is it ever! I could bounce a quarter off that ass, amongst other things! LOL Definitely coming to my corner for a sleepover! hehe

Jim said...

Wow & THANKS, Sassy, for the rooftops! Really into that first pic, too. Lust wrapped in a red sweater :)

Lucien said...

Sassy rooftops will forever now have a special meaning !!! Oh Girl you are rockin the world

Sassy said...


You are more than welcome. Adam is a special, special boy (and the red sweatered fellow isn't to shabby either.)


I would rock your world anytime love. So glad you enjoyed. ;)

Spartan said...

Hi Sassy, nice work babe a lot of real good one's here.

The last pic is my fave, because of that body, though i hate bloodsports such as bullfighting.

lots love from Spartan