Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pretty Things

Mixing it up a bit today.
Skill, J, I am still having trouble commenting on your blog. Sorry loves, at least blogger knows it's an issue now, just not sure when they're gonna fix it.


Nick said...

sexy selection, thanks

Eric Arvin said...

Those first two are stunning!

Sassy said...

Nick, glad you liked them. I enjoyed putting these beauties together. ;)

Eric, I so thought you would like the big guy with the thong. I am losing it, lol. I am quite happy you enjoyed. ;)

CoreyJo said...

You always have the most delicious men.

I want get cozy with #2 on the fur rug, and take a dip with #5.

And if Eric doesn't want the muscle man in a thong, I'll take him too!!

Enjoy the Holiday


Sassy said...

LOL. Coreyjo you might get away with thong dude, but I think Eric might fight you for #5. ;)

Glad you enjoyed the post babe.

CoreyJo said...

That's okay, I'm a country girl, I fight dirty!! LOL

Eric Arvin said...

I want them all. Can't I have them all?