Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pretty Things

It's been a strange week all around.
Here are some Pretties to distract everyone while I think about it.


Eric Arvin said...

Love it! Especially the pic of the guy in the panty hose being poked in the ribs by the other's wiener.

Spartan said...

Another class post from you Sassy and i like that one as well of the guy in the tights,LOL! i love it when people express themselves and go against the grain and what everyone expects of them!

lots love Spartan

Sassy said...

Spencer is hot and I love that he and his boyfriend are so comfortable in front of the camera.

You are so right love. I don't remember who showed me Macy Gray's video Sexual Revolution, but that is what I think of. If everyone could free their minds this way, imagine where we could go as a race.

RafaDe said...

Sassy, too much thinking makes my brain hurt and too much acting makes my ass hurt.

Moral...? If you think whilst gitt'n laid, the pain of one numbs out the pain of the other, and all that's left is strumm'n, humm'n and a whole LOTTA cumm'n!

Be ORGASMIC...fuck a tree!


Jambrea said...

I have to agree with Eric...i think that one is my fav...*sigh*

Sassy said...

LMAO, Raf...a tree??

I love finding these different shots. They make me happy ;)

mistress maddie said...

Well were back to one again!!! There is just something sexy as hell about a guy in a ball cap and some stubble! But.......I sure wouldn't mind cumming between the couple in pic 6! This is a weird week, I agree. But I'm getting ready to take off again, I can't wait.

Lucien said...


Sassy said...

There is just something about Adam Killian (dark hair) isn't there? I don't know who his boytoy is but I wouldn't mind some time spent between those two myself. ;)

I am so happy I found one for you to lust over my friend. I never know just what is going to catch your

CoreyJo said...

As much as I love Adam, I have to go with 3rd from the bottom today. Something about the dog tags and the P.A. jumped out and smaked my libido into overdrive!

Delicious as always Sassy


Skilled4Men said...

What a great collection... HOT as Hell! I'm goin' w/ #5 here... all that Sexy, sweaty, erotic energy! "DAMN FINE!!!"

Lucien said...

Mitchell Rock is the blond BB that is licking off Adam Killian's sweat YUMMMY to the TUMMY