Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pretty Things

I love all types of men. I know lately I have been showcasing a lot of gentle beauties and muscleheads but by no means have I forgotten those gorgeous titans of manhood, the bears.

There is something about their solidity that is incredibly arousing. That big ole bruise you just bit into their pecs? Foreplay baby. You want to be fucked through the nearest flat surface, (and many vertical ones as well), they are there.

Here are some FINE examples of those brawny bruins. Oh yeah...


mistress maddie said...

Now to be honest I'm not into bears sexually, because I'm a small toned guy. Lets face it , it would be the junk yard dog fucking the poodle! But I have to say guy 5, with that ass body and those oh so delish , huge thighs couls crack me like a walnut if he wanted too!!! I would risk getting crushed for that. I love bears though, I have several friends who are.

Skilled4Men said...

I'm agreeing w/ Maddie on this one... #5 for sure! I'd recognize those Pete Kuzak bunns from miles away!!! I remember a much leaner Zak Spears some 20yrs. back... Damn Hot then -and STILL Hot now!!! Like you say... "Variety is good!"

Eric Arvin said...

#10 pour moi, please!!

Sassy said...

Nice choice. He has such a great smile. ;)

Zak is incredibly earthy. The 1st time I saw one of his videos I was like, "Damn, I'm in love." lol. I've renamed that Kuzak photo. Thanks love.

I was cracking up at the junk yard dog/poodle analogy. As I am 5'1", I am sure you are bigger than I am but you are also much more a lady..

I can be tender/gentle with my lovers but I can also be very aggressive at times. It takes one of the big boys to step up to my mean side, otherwise I do without. I don't really want to hurt someone.

Jambrea said...

I just have to say...yum...*sigh*

Sassy said...

I know just what you mean ;)

CoreyJo said...

Oh dear lord Sassy! I love a nice pretty boy, but it's the big bears that really get me. I about melted out of my chair the firt time I saw Zak in action. Nothing's hotter than a macho man being vocal. I'm not 5'1" or fine boned so the bigger they are the better they can toss me around and abuse me. That Kuzak photo makes my tongue twitch. I'd love to take a seat on #10, and 12 can own me for a day.

Thank you for the trip to the wild! RAWRR!!


Anonymous said...

#6 is a bear god, to me he is so lets get down and dirty in the Cran canyon while camping under the stars.... what a BABE!!!!!!!!