Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pretty Things

All the pictures below are not necessarily men I would be interested in dating or even using sexually. One thing they all have in common - their photographs provoked an emotional response.
For whatever reason, these pics have sent my ADOS (Attention Deficit OH SHINEY..) imagination into overdrive.


CoreyJo said...

LOL I definitely suffer from ADOS!! #'s 3, 5, & 12 have provoked a response in me, but it's not emotional!!

Great post Sassy.

Hope the weather is clearing up for you.


Sassy said...


Lust is absolutely an emotional response. ;)

Skilled4Men said...

I don't know that I suffer from ADOS -however, #'s 5,11,and 16 are certainly provoking something over here!!! ...and how 'bout that #9! That's got to be well over 9 I'd say!

mistress maddie said...

Well if you remember I do like number three alot, but sweet jesus joseph and mary number 8!!!!! I sooooooo think I in love with that! He is a real stunner, you is that God! Opps. I'm so not going to heaven now for worshiping a false God on Saturday when the rapture happens. I just assumed I'd be going below to reside as Mistress of the Underworld.

Sassy said...

#9 is certainly a big boy, all the more to enjoy. ;)
(sigh, I figured 16 for you and 9, totally missed 5 & 11)

I certainly did remember the sweet, hot, man you liked my dear. As I mentioned, I included pics that

As for #8, that sexy little thing has a story all of his own to play out in my fantasies. Mostly involving him chained in my bed, naked and writhing. ;)

Eden said...

Now that is a sweet fantasy, chained to a bed! My favorite, I would have to agree with the Mistress is 8, but the one with the shirt and tie is very hot indeed. I love tieing or being tied up! What ever floats this boat.

Sassy said...

Oh and Maddie, at least you will have good company. I have been selling cookies and guiding tours here on the Darkside for ages. ;)


I so agree about the shirt/tie guy. A partially clothed male, looking like he has been ravished is unbelievably EROTIC.