Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pretty Things

A fertile imagination is sexy as hell and a great place to play.

Whatever you're into, dressing up is FUN.


Eric Arvin said...

Love Flondo's stuff! Great Halloween ideas.

Spartan said...

Hey it's costume night! great pics! love all the kinky gear some of these guys are wearing, in particular the fishnet tights with the bit cut out at the back! i need to get myself a pair of those!

Great post Sassy.

lots love Spartan

Skilled4Men said...

What an Awesome post! It's impossible to pick favorites here -but I'm, quite partial to #'s 4,6,and 7

mistress maddie said...

All these are very nice, but there is something about number four I really want. I would so wear that for any "special event"!

Sassy said...

I love Flondo. He is an amazing artist.

Thought you would like those babe. If I send you a pair I get a picture, right?

Glad you liked the post. I was in a mood ya know ;)

And you would ROCK the outfit girl.

Lucien said...

I want to snuggle up tight with black feathers and let him keep me warm in his embrace

Sassy said...


With those delicious pouty lips and pecs he is perfect for heating you up, eh?

mistress maddie said...

Hey Sass! To answer your question, the 12 oz isn't in the pictures, it was under the table!!!;)