Friday, May 13, 2011

Pretty Things

Welcome back.
I don't know about you guys, but I was going into withdrawls.
Here's to falling off the wagon. ;)


Spartan said...

Hey Sassy, great post and is that Dave Navarro from Jane's Addiction/RHCP fame in there as well? great shot it is too.

But my fave has got to be number 1.

have a nice weekend.


Sassy said...

Hey Spartan. Yes that is Navarro. I have lusted after that man for ages.

#1, Jed Hill, is always a winner. ;) Have a great weekend love.

Jim said...

I'll take #4 (Derek), #8 (squeezable buns) & #11 (just because)! :) Have a great weekend, Jim

Sassy said...

Hey Jim,

Thanks for the name on #4. #8 is Bryce but if I have seen the tatts correctly I think he has also gone by Chad Allen Clarke. #11 is a great just because ;)

mistress maddie said...

Oh all is right with the world again! What the fuck was that about? Anywhore love ,love love the first guy and I JUST ADORE Jack Mackenroth in the last pic! He is just so handsome and what a ass that man has! And all times for the blogger to go down when I did my whole tips on outdoor sex post!

Lucien said...

I'd like to fall off the wagon and land in any of their laps !

Sassy said...


Jed Hill (#1) is a godling and Jack is no slouch himself. Speaking of asses, have you ever gotten a good look at Bobby Momenteller's? Whew.


I know what you mean sweetie. I'm might have to develope a very klutzy side. ;)

Skilled4Men said...

#'s 3,4, and 11 will do just fine here! ..."Mighty Fine!" Are we done w/ this freakin' blogger glitch now??? "Geez!!!"

Sassy said...

I hope so Skill 'cause I was going stir-crazy. Good choices all, love.