Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pretty Things

I'm in the mood for sweet, tender meat.
My tongue wants to sample each one of these delicate morsels.


Jambrea said...

Yum! I can totally see why!

Skilled4Men said...

OMG girl!!! #'s 7,8,and 12 for me here! ...yes, I'm still in that mood!!! LOL

Hey Sweetie... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Hope the 'lil guy touched your heart and moved you to tears of joy! ...wink!

mistress maddie said...

Sassy you outdid yourself this time! The first three.....oh dear! I'm greety I want them all! Now I need a bloody mary after seeing these. I have dinner with the russian tonight, he better look out.

Sassy said...

So glad you enjoyed sweetie.

Thanks babe. Little dude tried to make me a hot tea this morning. (I drink it English style with cream and sugar) He had added a packet of hot cocoa to "make it extra good". LOL.

I know what you mean sweets. I love everything about men; their smell, their taste, the growly thing when they are so turned on they can't hardly breathe...

Glad to have inspired you missy, now go get that Russian! (and dish already lol) ;)

Jim said...

This post just got better & better :)

Sassy said...

Coming from you that means alot. ;)

Sexy Beast said...

Oh how lovely these are! Mmmm hmm. Tasty morsels indeed.