Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pretty Things

Sacramento is heating up. I just wish the men were as hot as these lovely ones.


RafaDe said...

Sacramento is famous for too many damn cows, grazing about on fatty carbs and shit'n out gaseous patties, while the bulls are all down in L.A., giving Ol' Farmer John a right big helping of sausaged delight!

This little piggie went to market and fucked that little piggie in his hammed ass!

Sorry, better luck next move--


Sassy said...


Came here for the work, but I doing my best to find a way back to San Diego. Where the real people live.

Skilled4Men said...

Heating up here as well -especially after this post! I'm with 'ya on SoCal... NOTHING compares!
#9 would be my favorite here. Running into him on a California Beach -now THAT would be heaven!!!

mistress maddie said...

I know it is heating up on this end! And after seeing guy number 4, Matt Schriemier's ass, that will heat lots up!!! That thins is like fucking marble! I'm betting you could bounce a roll of half dollars off that ass!

Sassy said...

Mmm...I would need ALL day to check out a discovery like that. ;)

Matt is amazing isn't he? Have you ever gone to his S&E website to read his story. He and Cameron are really special people.