Monday, May 2, 2011

Pretty Things

My friend and fellow blogger Kip Herr, who runs AbsoluteMen and BeautyfulMen, is going to be in surgery for prostate cancer. Let's send some really positive thougths his way.


CoreyJo said...

Thoughts and Prayers for Mr. Herr and his family.

Lovely post Sassy. I'll just take Paddy O'Brian (#7) with me. ;)


Spartan said...

Best wishes to Kip hope all go's well for him.

Great post Sassy. Spartan's fave is number 8!

love from Spartan

Sassy said...


Paddy looks even better when you blow the picture up. Very tasty.


I was hoping you would like that one.(Ok fine, so he's one of MY faves.) If you blow up the pic, you can see he is wearing mesh undies. ;)

Jambrea said...

Have to say...#1 & #3 are tasty treats. lol

I hope everything goes well with the surgery. :)

Sassy said...


They most certainly are. You have good taste girl.

mistress maddie said...

Well well well what a nice little collection this is! I think the first guy is all the well wishes your friend needs! Well wishes to your buddie! My thoughts and good vibes I'll be sending. But for guy number nine? ALL OF THAT is for this big ole size queen!!!! Slrrrrrrrp!

Skilled4Men said...

Wishing all the best for Kip!

#5 here... as we share at least one vice -and #13, because he's so damn gorgeous!!!

Sassy said...

Oh so not the one I thougth you would pick. I will have to work on that ;)

Vice? You have a vice? Hmm, tats? Piercings? I wonder what it could

Skilled4Men said...

@Sassy: Okay, so I have more than a few! I did not know tats and piercings fell into the category (have those too!) LOL

Sassy said...

Meh, I was mostly yanking your chain babe. I am just silly like that sometimes. ;)