Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pretty Things - Drawings & Art

Last post left a bad taste in my mouth so here's a chaser.

Much better.


CoreyJo said...

Oooo, talk about fantasy! I'll take the last guy from Atlantis, and the big brute above him. What can I say, I like `em smart, and I like `em macho.


Jambrea said...

I LOVE drawings. *sigh* I had an artist create one just for me and I LOVE it. *sigh* These are great. :)

Gino said...

Some nice art! Hot

Skilled4Men said...

An excellent collection here. Tom of Finland -of course, a favorite! I am very fond of #7... Quite captivating!!!

Sassy said...

That Tom of Finland photo caught my eye right away too girlie. ;)

That would be so cool. To have someone create something like this just for you. Lucky girl.

Glad you enjoyed love. I am to please.lol.

There was something about that drawing that really captured my imagination.