Friday, May 20, 2011


People are freaking idiots!

I was in the dentist's office filling out paperwork during my lunchbreak and somebody stole my cellphone.

How lame is that? The office was packed so no telling who actually took it.
I was just standing at the counter filling out paperwork and someone took my damn phone... >.<


Skilled4Men said...

Un-freakin' believable!!! Did you call your carrier??? Some offer/include insurance against theft in selected plans -if nothing else, have the SIM Card temporarily disabled (they can re-activate if you regain possession). How 'bout calling your own phone# to chew-out somebody's ass??? I'd be miffed too! I'm sorry!!!

RafaDe said...


Yes, people are idiots, but it's a small price to pay when you consider all the joy one gets out of laughing at all their stupidity. Plus...there are some really HOT dumb people that look GREAT naked!

Dumb and a small penis...OYE, he best have a fat wallet, or he ain't EVER gitt'n laid, be it with a male or female, but definitely NOT male!

If your cumm'n to supper at my house, you best bring something to the table or your ass will be spit shining my brown, appled dish 'till it sparkles so bright, even though there's no light...lapping and dining where the sun it ain't shining! YEEHAW!!!


Sassy said...

Yea, I got on that asap. I had a tonne of info in my phone plus a bunch of pics...

Ok, that was seriously funny. I have interacted with more than a few people where I was thinking, "It's a damn good thing your pretty..."

mistress maddie said...

Thats terrible! You should text your phone and tell them to shove it up there ass! And they should put it on vibrate first!

Sassy said...

LOL, Maddie with my luck they would enjoy it...