Saturday, May 7, 2011


I belong to a number of author's groups.

Yesterday a reader who regularly participates in one of the groups LAID INTO the authors. She went off because the author's websites weren't up to date. She couldn't find the newest erotica by her favorite writers and the websites had no info because they weren't up to date!

For the next two hours comments flew back and forth as over a dozen authors raced to update their blogs and websites.

Funniest shit ever. ;)


Eric Arvin said...

Ha! I don't even have a website anymore. Just the blog. I was too lazy to update the site.

Jambrea said...

lol...sure...YOU thought it was funny! lol I have an easy website through wordpress so it is simple to update. And I usually do pretty well with it. I DIDN'T have the WIP that she talked about so I DID scramble to add it. lol

Sassy said...

At least that is a viable reason sweets. I don't do more with my blog 'cause I can't figure out HOW. :/

It was HILARIOUS girl. Go back and read all those comments. I was rolling on the floor. :D

Skilled4Men said...

It's an ongoing commitment to do it right -for sure! I personally prefer constructive feedback over going off though. Curious to know if the "reader" maintains a site, and if hers is up-to-date...