Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pretty Things

It's a grabbag today. Nothing quite seemed to fit.


Jambrea said...

I don't know...there are a few that would fit me just RIGHT. lol

Thanks for the pics.

CoreyJo said...

Veriety is the spice of life Sugar, didn'tcha know!

I've got a spot #3 will fit nice and cosy like!

Delicious set Sassy


Eric Arvin said...

Love the second one. Beautiful image.

Sassy said...

So glad you saw something you liked girl. I love it when something clicks with a viewer. ;)

Variety is VERY good.

I was stunned the 1st time I saw that image. The photographer here has an amazing eye.

Jim said...

But it's a really NICE grabbag :)

Skilled4Men said...

Oh, I just love your idea of grab bags! Think I'll grab me some of #6... We'll have great fun making "things fit" every-which-way!!! ...wink!

YonexGuy said...


mistress maddie said...

Girl, I think I can find something anyof these will fit!!! I'll be back shortly, I hav missed your blog and men!!!

Sassy said...

Thanks, glad you enjoyed.

#6 has a softer vibe going on. I thought you would like him.

Woo Hoo, I made you comment. Finally ;)

Missed you too sweetie. So glad you are back.

LUCIEN said...

They all would make a tight fit sure worth it !

Sassy said...

LUCIEN, you're back from your trip! You better be sending me an email and dishing on your boys. ;)