Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty Things

The winds blew hot and hard all day today.
We are supposed to have a 20 degree drop in temperature tomorrow.
Something is definately blowing through...


CoreyJo said...

Hello #2, why don't you come on over to my corner and make nice!?!

Great post Sassy.

FYI the Google Monster got our Sweet Spartan. He has a new site up already just incase he doesn't get back the other one. I put the link up on my blog list, so you can reach it from there if he didn't send a link to you yet. It's under Spartan's Bits & Pieces.

Skilled4Men said...

While temps. may be dropping there, #4 is certainly heating things up here!!!

Sassy said...

Thanks girlie, he sent me the link ;)
#2 looks warm and tasty, that's how he got included with this group. lol.

Honey #4 was so erotic to me. I love seeing partially dressed men.

Spartan said...

This is a whole lotta macho fun on this page! so many great bodies.

Fave for me today is number 9, what a physique! truly outstanding and Spartan doesn't praise lightly.

lots love from Spartan