Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pretty Things

Shh...Change is upon us, we are in flux.
The weavers of the Great Tapestry are getting set to change our direction and the world waits with bated breath.


CoreyJo said...

Oh Dear Jesus!! I think I might faint....

Have I died and gone to Harem Heaven?

Most Excellent post tonight Sassy. What ever the weavers have in store for us I'm good with as long I get to keep these pretties with me.


Spartan said...

Nice collection of studs Sassy. Third from the end is my fave, for that great body!

Great work love.

love Spartan

Skilled4Men said...

You've stumped me here... IMPOSSIBLE to pick even a favorite Top 3, as too HOT!, too many!!!
Hmmm... You strike me more as one who effects changes vs. waiting for it -yeah???

Jambrea said...

The last picture is one of my all time favorites. I wish I knew where to find more of that model. *sigh*

Wonderful pictures. Thank you!

Eric Arvin said...

Prettiness! And I love the statement at the beginning.

Sassy said...

I hear you girl. We shall see what happens next eh?

Glad you liked him love. The mood was a bit quieter today, not so many "macho" guys.

Glad you enjoyed the boys babe. Yea mostly I am one for effecting change, but last couple of days....I have been waiting to see what's up. The introspection won't last, I am too active and aggressive for that.

I know sweetie. I hate it when an image hosting site replaces names with seriel #s. If you ever know the name of a model I have up and it's not listed, shout it out and I will fix it. ;)

Always happy to add a bit of Pretty to the world. Hope you are feeling better. How's the hottie salesman you were flirting with?