Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pretty Things

I woke with a strange sense of anticipation today.

It feels edgy, like the world is holding its breath, waiting.


Eric Arvin said...

Hot. Love that black kilt outfit.

Spartan said...

Great set here today Sassy! a lotta beef on offer! It's between 3 and 7 as my faves of the day!

love Spartan

CoreyJo said...

I love the edge you've got going here today Sassy.

I wanna ride with #13, and I'll take #14 to cozy up to during this storm.

Great work Hon


Sassy said...


He certainly is sensual. I wanna do bad t hings to him ;)


Both are incredibly sexy beasts, but 3 looks like he could handle one of my more aggressive moods and make it out the other side with a smile on his face.


Me too love, the guys on the bike are SO sexy. #14 with that playful little smirk, he's asking to be ravaged. I'd be happy to oblige. ;)

Randsome said...

the purple shirt is the most pouty & beautiful boytoy in the arena !

Skilled4Men said...

#'s 2,4, and 14 -Quite HOT!!! The Awesome Award goes to photo #15!
That "edgy" feeling you describe in the world... That came into my awareness 'bout 2years ago! You've noticed a general shift in priorities too -yes??? Hmmm...

Sassy said...


Nice to hear from you my friend. Bobby was one of the 1st models I ever really lusted over.
I want to ravish him and cuddle him and make slow love all night long.

But where does this lead I wonder...
Remember this, "May you have an interesting life" is actually a Chinese curse!

Skilled4Men said...

@Sassy: I believe it leads to where each of us so choose! ...wink!