Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pretty Things

It has been an...interesting day.

I think I need a road trip soon.


Eric Arvin said...

That last one is one of my favs.

CoreyJo said...

Oh my! Well you just made my day much much more interesting Sassy! I hope yours was a good interesting.

I do believe I'll just take #5 & #6 for my Easter present. Please & Thank You!!


mistress maddie said...

Hope your day is going well at least? And you know their is always room at the Casa du Borghese! Kisses!

Skilled4Men said...

#13 ...hands down! I have some other picks here but talk about a stand-out!!! Interesting that particular photo has a Good Friday/Passion undertone... Coinky-dink or intentional???

Sassy said...

LOL. I hope so sweetie. I stole him from you. ;)

Always glad to lend a hand babe.

Thanks so much love. My day is always better when I get the chance to talk to SANE adults. You are a touchstone love. :)

I loved this set and the colors. The eggs pic was a funny afterthought.

Lucien said...

The leather jacket and chained alpha stud - I would literally be bound to him as a sex slave any day !!!!!!

Sassy said...


You have good taste love. Very good taste. ;)