Monday, April 18, 2011

Pretty Things

Last night was the guests who wouldn't leave. They kept saying they were leaving but actually getting them out the door took until 11pm. They (and the little screamers that came with) had been at my house since 3. Way! Too! Long!

I was so wound up I broke out the plum wine. A couple glasses later, I finally felt relaxed enough to surf the net and scan for Pretties. Here are some of the beauties I discovered.



Eric Arvin said...

Yikes. Guests. Argh.

That last photo, with the veign striking through the nipple, is so hot!

mistress maddie said...

Yeah, you have to love the little screamers. I can't tell ya wha that yoddle does to the Mitress's ears! I'd be drinking too.

Spartan said...

I feel for you babe! nothing worse is there? dropping hints everywhere "oh it's getting late isn't it!" "have you no home to go to!" stuff like that, but they never take the hint do they?

Cool post Sassy, last pic is my fave too!

love Spartan

Sassy said...

Ahh...I am so glad I am not the only one who cannot stand the little beasts. I swear I see these brats running amok and I want to slap the parents quite a lot...

Glad to provide a happy thought sweetie. Hope you are feeling better.

Nope, don't love them. I refuse. I tried declaring my house a screamer free zone, but then I realized I would not be doing myself any favors. LOL.
Plum wine is SO GOOD for helping you to forget the little twits. ;)

"have you no home to go to!"
I about spit my tea all over my keyboard. Great stuff love. I so wish Scotland wasn't so far away and you could visit.

Skilled4Men said...

And this is why I've established my abode as a "kids free" zone!!! ...been there, done that, & history WILL NOT repeat itself! LOL
Another fantastic post! My 3 faves are #'s 3, 5, and 15're making it VERY DIFFICULT for me to keep it at 3 choices!!! ...wink!