Friday, April 15, 2011

Pretty Things

1) Mid-month paperwork today.
2) Need more Pretties...


Spartan said...

Some fabulous bodies here Sassy! and so difficult if i had to pick a fave, but i've got to no sitting on the fence!

Number 3 the colored guy, a wonderful body!

have a great weekend love.

lots love from Spartan

Skilled4Men said...

Numbers 2 and 12 send my rocket flaring!!!

Sassy said...


He does have a great cleanly lined look, doesn't he?
Nice choice babe.


I expected you to like 12 but 2 surprised me. Very nice love. Keep me guessing, I like it ;)

JP said...

See, my fave is the two guys reading - the Tom of Finland one where the guy's resting his book in the crack of the other guys ass - love whimsy! JP

Sassy said...


Welcome. So glad you enjoyed the post JP. I will definately be posting more Tom of Finland in the future.