Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pretty Things

WooHoo the weekend is here. Finally. Now I am off to bake cookies for the soldier I adopted overseas.
Enjoy the day!


Eric Arvin said...

Awe. You managed to touch my heart and my wiener in one post!

Sassy said...

Thanks hun, you're a sweetie. :)

Skilled4Men said...

LMAO! 10pts for Eric... such wit! And a bizzilion to YOU... for having such a good heart!!! Speaking of hearts, #5 could easily steal mine -amongst other things!

mistress maddie said...

I too have adopted a soldier, but I didn't bake him any cookies!!!! But how did you find a program for this? It really is a sweet idea.

Eric-you naughty boy!

Sassy said...

Thanks love I thought he might catch your attention. ;)

LOL, I warned him he might choose to use them for target practice instead of eating, but it's the thought right?
As far as programs, there are loads out there and after doing a lot of research, I chose Soldier's Angels. Really amazing program they have working and they are very supportive of the adopter as well.

mistress maddie said...

Thanks for the tid-bit! I'm thinking of doing this. What a great idea! Thanks Kitten!