Friday, April 8, 2011

Pretty Things

It has been 9 months since I started this blog and what an interesting little trip it has been.
I am now averaging almost 200 pagehits a day, 3800 for last month and 18000 since I started.

You guys rock!


mistress maddie said...

Again......that first guy leaves me weak in the knees!

Skilled4Men said...

It's no wonder -you publish an awesome blog! My picks for today are #3 and #7 need to wrap them! ...wink!

Eric Arvin said...

I love the retro photo! I used to have those lil' green rower shorts.

Sassy said...


So glad you enjoyed honey. I know how hard it is keeping up with the Casa. You needed some downtime ;)


Thanks so much sweetie. The feedback makes it SO good.


I bet you were cute as hell in them too. ;)

CoreyJo said...

I'm greedy today. I'll take #'s 3, 4, 7, & 8, please and Thank you.ツ

Absolutely Delightful Sassy


Lucien said...

With hotties like this - Sassy YOU rock it

Sassy said...


You are very welcome dear, I am happy to oblige. (and if you and Spartan feel the need for some "grounding" I am always happy to lend a hand) ;)


You my special friend are one of my first and best cheerleaders. Thank you so much.

CoreyJo said...

Oooo Sassy,

A side by side spanking? Sounds interesting... ;)