Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pretty Things

Hope you are all having a fan-fucking-tastic day.

I have found a new set of Pretties to add to my harem. I think this bunch is going to need a bit of breaking in though. ;)

Sigh...the effort one must put into maintaining a proper harem...


Eric Arvin said...

Fancy Jeans Guy is insane hot!

Sassy said...


That is Brad Rowe and yes he is!

Spartan said...

I love the Adam pic, it's so horny but so funny too!

lotsa love Spartan

Sassy said...


I totally agree. This fits so totally with Adam's personality, I loved it.

The pic is from Slick It Up.

mistress maddie said...

Wow! Sassy when you come to the Casa da Borghese too stay I hope you plan on bring the harem! And Byran Thomas I have talked to several times out. He is from Philly and a sweetheart! He is guy number two. The guy with chocolate spilled soooooo needs my tongue. LOVE CODY CUMMINGS AND HIS HMMM"FRIEND" And the last guy- Oh.My.Sweet.Jesus.Joseph.And Mary!!!

Sassy said...


I would be delighted.

The guy with the chocolate is Mark Aaron. Sometimes he uses Aaron Marks. He models and does gay porn and he is very, very sweet.

Sassy said...

@Maddie pt 2,

As a matter of fact, Mark finished a movie earlier this year with Adam Killian (the Viper suit pic 8), Trapped in the Game.
I haven't paid the $60 bucks for the movie yet but from the previews I was sent...oh my.

Jim said...

Great set :)

Sassy said...


Thanks Jim. Glad you enjoyed. ;)

CoreyJo said...

WOW! I'm seriously tempeted to pay the $60 for that.

Extremely Sexy harem you have my dear.