Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pretty Things

Good news. I am very happy with this blog and things are going well.
Bad news. I have finally reached the point where I NEED to be organized about it. :(

If I put up a picture and you know who the model is, please give me a shout. I am trying to get all the models in files to reduce the amount of freefloating pics I have.

Thanks and enjoy.


Spartan said...

Some choice pics here Sassy! so much man flesh on view!

My fave is number 1, he can be my daddy anytime!

Number 2 i also love because of that big dick!

Great work love.

Love Spartan

Sassy said...


IMO #1 is a walking advertisement for make-your-legs-weak, hot, sweaty sex. ;)

Skilled4Men said...

#'s 3, 5, and 7 are doin' it 4 me!!! Looking at your posts, one would never get the impression you were unorganized 'bout things -the end result is ALWAYS Fantabulous!!!

Sassy said...


Thanks sweetie. I am so glad you enjoy the posts.

I will tell you though, I am incredibly un-organized in my day to day affairs. I really could use a good service-sub to keep a handle on the daily minutiae while I am busy with the dragons ;)

RafaDe said...


You mean to tell me they have actual NAMES!?!

SHIT 'N SHENANIGANS!!! No wonder when I call for Pretty Thing #2 to "GET DOWN, and SUCK MY DICK!", the fucker never does!

Well....? Come on now, Sass, what's the fucker's name already? I gots me a drooling cock and a ball sack of bubbling brew just a begging to sprout his name all the fuck over his chest and abs!


Sassy said...

So good to have you back in the blogpsphere where you belong.

I know I have photos of Pretty #2 that have a name attached, but I have to find the damn things.

See rant on today's Pretties.