Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh, Shiney

I ran across this at Oddity Central. This is not paint. The tree actually looks like this.
How freaking cool!

Below is a box made from Rainbow Eucalyptus wood.

The article:

The incredible looking Rainbow Eucalyptus is the only species of eucalyptus that grows in the northern hemisphere. It can grow to impressive heights, of up to 70 meters, and it is normally grown for its pulpwood, used to create white paper. There are many other interesting facts regarding Rainbow Eucalyptus, but the obvious question arises: why does it look like it’s been painted?

The secret behind the Rainbow Eucalyptus is actually pretty simple. The trees shed multiple patches of bark every year, but not at the same time. As the patches are gone, the green inner bark is exposed, and, as it matures, every new patch first turns bluish, then orange, purple and maroon. This creates the rainbow effect that makes these trees so nice to look at.

Rainbow Eucalyptus can be found in New Guinea, New Britain and the Philippines.


Skilled4Men said...

How very cool!!! I would have never thought that trees/bark could fashion themselves as PRIDE symbols! ...wink!

Sassy said...


I know! How amazing and interesting. If you google rainbow eucalyptus you will gets tonnes of great color pics.

Eric Arvin said...

Very interesting!