Friday, April 29, 2011


I HATE shopping for clothes.

You cannot imagine the loathing I feel for entering clothing stores of almost any variety.

It doesn't help that I am 1) VERY curvy and 2) only 5'1".

I ripped my favorite pair of denims yesterday. They are still fit to be worn but I now have no undamaged pants to wear. 'Cause that's how much I hate shopping. I let myself get down to the very bottom of my closet, even when I should have long ago replaced things.

Luna bless, I will be forced to endure centers with whining, prissy little things, where pastels and gossamer materials hold sway.

 Hence my tendency to stick to t-shirts and denims. They are the quickest to locate and the size doesn't have to be perfect to work. My leathers are holding up just fine, but they aren't really

I am going to repeat myself here, but I REALLY don't want to go shopping.


Eric Arvin said...

I feel for you. I avoid malls like the plague. I haven't been to one since 2003.

CoreyJo said...

I feel ya Sassy, I'm a t-shirt & jeans girl too. Heaven forbid if they make clothes to fit a woman with curves, let alone long legs & arms like mine.

Good luck and may all the twits & tarts be absent from the stores you visit. LOL


Spartan said...

I feel for you as well love, i hate shopping for anything! everyone bumping into you and jostling AAAAAarrgggg! it's enough to make you scream!

That first cat is just the best! i used to have a big white cat like that years ago called Snowy!

love ya, Spartan

RafaDe said...

Not fair Sassy, you're making me seem like a total HOMO over here!

OK, Fine, I am a total HOMO, but that's not the fucking POINT!

For me, the only thing better than shimming into a new pair of pants, perfectly cupping my hard, apple'd ass, is shimmering out of 'em for a right hard fuck in same said ripe, apple'd ass.

Granted, I don't know how you go about wrapping up that cat nipped purse of yours, but where I roll...? Shit, there's enough candied assholes to send my tooth fairy'd ass right to the fucking dentist!


Skilled4Men said...

Like most here, I'm with 'ya!!! The trick I've found is brand/designer loyalty... I've come across a few that cater to that Euro-look I covet so -for the most part, that's what I stay with! Also a good argument for living in the warmer climes, as one can get away w/ little to no clothing often! ...wink!

Sassy said...

Lucky you. I am a hard to fit size. Also women's clothing makers are notorious for making up random sizes on clothes. A size 10 by one maker would be a 6 by another or maybe a 12 by someone else. Makes online shopping a real pain.

Yea babe, the designers and buyers piss me off too. Like there is only supposed to be one type of woman out there and she is moderately tall and super skinney with little to no chest and small hips. SO NOT REALITY.

Thanks love, I know you feel my pain. lol. I would love to have a cat that looked like the 1st one.

Sweetie, it's bad enough I have cock envy, now you want me to have clothing envy too? I know what you mean though, I love the feel of buttersoft materials moving over my skin, on but especially off. ;)

Babe, it does no good. I find something I like and that works and they quit making it...
As far as minimum clothes, I miss San Diego.

RafaDe said...

Sure hope green is your color!



mistress maddie said...

Well as u can imagine, I love shopping but it goes in spurts! But my living is a visual stylist so I do many fashion shows and feature trends on all the store manniquins. I just took my ex out for a day of suit shopping as he got a new job in pr. I ended up getting him three suit with various shirt and ties. He hated spending but he ended up with like 7 different looks! I hope you did well. I'll take ya shopping, and we can get the hunks to carry the purhases!!!!

Sassy said...


Mmm...a day shopping with a fun, flirty, talented person. Gorgeous boys to carry the bags. Thru in sushi and it's a perfect day. ;)