Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So Bored...

I just terrorized a cute little twink who did nothing wrong but catch me in a mood.

Sacramento sucks. I have no one strong enough to play with here.

Is there some kind of cosmoligical balancing act going on here? Something that ordains there must not be too many strong, intelligent, blunt, hard playing and colors outside the lines types in any one place?

Well I have news for you cosmos, WE ARE EVERYWHERE. Like magnets we attract each other. You may be able to keep us apart temporarily, but we will come together....muwhahahhahahaa.


Spartan said...

LOL! what did you do to the twink? you bad girl Sassy! he'll go away now and cry all night long!

I can just picture him with tears streaming down his face!


Eric Arvin said...

LOL. Meanie!

Skilled4Men said...
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Skilled4Men said...

Remind me to NEVER get on your bad side -and to run like Hell if you wander anywhere towards a bad mood! lol Personally, I think San Fran or LA would be only too lucky to host your savvy. ...wink!