Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty Things

My morning is FUBAR and now I have to go into work and do all the paperwork for the end of month. GRRR...
I need Pretties to sooth me through the day.


Spartan said...

Well these being your pretties you'll be well soothed babe, every pic a damn pearl and what a dream dong that is in the last pic!

lots love from Spartan

Sassy said...

Lol. Thought you would like that one love. ;)

Spartan said...

Oh i certainly do! what a dream! just the tonic i need the way i'm feeling with all this crap goin' on!

Thanks babe you've picked my spirits up!


Skilled4Men said...

Oh, Sassy... you have such a knack for creating these incredible posts. It's damn near impossible to pick just one! That said, my favorites today are 3, 10, and 13 -though they are all pure eye candy!!!

Sassy said...

Thanks love. I really do try to put out a pleasing product. I am very happy that there are others who share my enjoyment of the divine male body. ;)


CoreyJo said...

Aw Sassy, sorry your day hasn't been ideal. Your Pretties are definitely and elixer for a day gone wrong. Hope the rest of your night goes better.

I think I might just need to have #'s 2, 7,& 13 after my long day. I could definitely get used to this kind of self medicating. ;)


Sassy said...


Glad you liked them Corey. I love Adam's pic. He is such a Caliboy and I love listening to how vocal and growly he gets in his videos.