Monday, March 28, 2011

Pretty Things

Had a long wait at the Doc's today but no worries. It gave me lots of time to find new Pretties to post.


CoreyJo said...

Mouth watering delicious.

Love #8 & #12, I think I'll just take them with me if you don't mind! ;)

Hope you feel better soon Hon.


Spartan said...

And what pretties they are my dear! all really nice, but my fave today is number 5 with his straps up between his bum cheeks!

lots love Spartan

Sassy said...


They are a couple of pretty men. Good choices. But then I kind of partial to all the Pretties I post. ;)


I thought you would like that one love. I put him in there just for you.
Okay, It didn't hurt that I thought he was FINE AS HELL.

Skilled4Men said...

A fantastic post! My top three faves are 2,8, and 13... VERY NICE!!!

mistress maddie said...

All these shirtless men make we want the warmer weather to get here asap!

Sassy said...

It's funny that both 2 & 13 are both Nicks and very similar in looks. Maybe they are Italian ;)

@Miss Maddie,
You and me both love. There can never be too much skin. lol.