Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pretty Things

I spent the last 20 minutes out in a storm. There is something about being in the wind and blowing rain that frees you.
What do you think of my inspiration?


Skilled4Men said...

I'd say we all benefit! In somewhat of a pensive mood here, so I'm most partial to #3, #9, and #10 ...#12 could damn well snap me right out of it!!!

CoreyJo said...

Oooo, I do love what a storm can inspire, but #6 inspires sooo much more!!

They're all delicious Sassy. ;)


Sassy said...

Well let's get you a double helping of #12 PDQ.

Pics 6 & 8 are my personal favorites. Though I don't put up any men that don't have a LITTLE something going on. ;)

mistress maddie said...

That first guy with those eyes could get this bitch to do anything he wanted! And the last one, that's a hot pic, everything about it! And I love walking in the rain and just getting soaked!

Eric Arvin said...

I'll take him and him and him and....

Sassy said...

Those eyes are stunning aren't they?

LOL, me too. :)

Spartan said...

I think the storm has given you great inspiration Sassy and my fave is number 5, for that body!

Being into training i just can't resist that one!

Lots love Spartan

Lucien said...

The Black guy above he just makes my toes curl ! Yowva thats a thick handsome man