Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pretty Things

The 1st pic I snagged from David Dust's (aka DustBunny) site. The boy is too darling not to repost immediately.
Enjoy. :)


Spartan said...

Nice Sassy very nice indeed, my fave is number 2 look at that body! Every pic has got something great going on!

lots love Spartan

Eric Arvin said...

The nips on 2 are insane!

Skilled4Men said...

I Luv the "Prince"ly look on #5!!!

Lucien said...

Pretty fabulous in Purple Lace

David Dust said...

#1 is absolutely adorable, isn't he?!?


CoreyJo said...

Oh Sassy,

I love them all!

I think #2 has bigger breasts than me, but I still love him!!