Sunday, March 27, 2011

Note to Authors

When you are writing a story, whatever the genre may be, don't make a 90 degree freaking turn in the middle of the story to a new genre!

I just finished a Mychael Black story. It is Regency flavored but contemporary. So far so good.

The couple gets togther pretty quick so I am expecting a forced seperation of some type, a kidnapping or maybe a serious injury/illness.

What I got was some type of demonic, malevolent spirit trying to possess one of the protagonists.


Don't come out of left field guys. There was no hint the story would head into the paranormal sector, just all of a sudden almost halfway into the book...BAM.

Sigh. I really hate contemporary demonic paranormal.

Authors, be honest with us.

I wouldn't have bothered getting the book if the author had shown anywhere in the blurb or excerpt that the book would head this direction. I would, however, be willing to look at the author's other books to find something more suited to my tastes.


Spartan said...

My favorite book of all time is "Helter Skelter" by Vincent Bugliosi the chief prosecutor in the "Manson Family" murders.

Could hardly put it down it was so good, don't like fiction, real life is so much more interesting.

love Spartan

Eric Arvin said...


Sassy said...

I enjoyed that book when I was a teen. I have been fully literate since four, so I have gone through a lot of phases.
I still read 1-3 books a day but my current kick is Gay Erotica and Romance.

You are a brat. Someone needs a spanking ;)

Eric Arvin said...

Haha! Indeed I do!