Friday, March 4, 2011

Amazing or Scary?

I am not sure what to think here.

This little kid is incredibly good, but what is his background? Is some parent trying to relive a heyday? Or is the little guy one of those few who are born in the "on" position, always driving, moving towards a goal only they can see?

Either way, you rarely see focus of this type in adults, let alone an 8(!) year old. Watch the boy's face at about 1:40 when he is doing the legs movements. He is watching his opponent closely, his look is clearly attentive and analying.

My imagination took off with this one (way too much sci-fi in my head). I could easily imagine him in a warrior training school destined to become the next great savior of his people...

Did I mention too much sci-fi? ..... Oh, Shiney....

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Spartan said...

I saw this video on a training web site and i don't know, i think it's kinda sad a young child taking part in activities such as this, wrestling and the like, it doesn't seem right!

love Spartan