Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No Posting this week...

My  computer died.

There were no warning signs. I simply found it with it's little heels kicked in the air, dead and crunchy a couple days ago. :(

A new computer is being built for me and I should have it in the next few days. Hopefully I will be able to transfer my files from my deceased computer onto the new one before I leave for San Diego.

If so, I will shoot off an nice large post before I leave.



Spartan said...

Sorry to hear about this Sassy. I hope you get your new system up and running soon and with no problems.

lots love Spartan

Eric Arvin said...

Ugh. That sucks!

Skilled4Men said...

"Arhhh!" can we say frustration! So you are headed for my beautiful hometown... Enjoy!

Jezebel Gypsy said...

Ah, I somehow missed that memo when you told me you were getting a new computer. LAME!!
Love - J

J James said...

Sorry to hear that! Perhaps it'll magically get a second wind and bounce back! :)