Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pretty Things

I have been seeing so many blogs that like to focus on different parts of the body, it got me to thinking. What is my favorite part? I love all parts of the male figure, seriously. What seems to catch my attention however, is a man's arms.

Not just biceps which everyone seems to work on, but the wrist and forearms. There is nothing like a pair of powerful forearms mated to thick, heavy wrists. There needs to be symmetry between the upper and lower arms and they need to match the shoulders, but a great pair of arms gets will always catch my eye.

I could go on and on, but I think I will let you be the judge. Enjoy.


Lucien said...

My fav---PECS with big wide nipples !!!

Sassy said...

Nice Lucien, but admit it, you are as bad as I am, you love ALL their parts :D

Spartan said...

Great stuff Sassy! excellent series of pics, my favorite part? has to be a nice big fat cock, the bigger the better!

Preferably along with a great body though, LOL!

lotsa love Spartan X