Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pretty Things

Sorry I haven't been posting regularly. I can't believe how much stuff I have been finding to get into. Here are a few extra pretties to make up for it. Enjoy ;)


Lucien said...

While I am particularly & personally interested in ADAM KILLIAN in the final shot ---- the first boytoy is Outrageously seductive in a clean pretty erotica way

Spartan said...

Hey Sassy, i like the first and the second pics best, but they're all very cool.

Like the two leathered up macho biker type boys too.

lots love Spartan X

Sassy said...

Spartan, thanks for the positive feedback. As far as the two guys in leather, how can you not enjoy boys who can smile that pretty.

Cheers, Sassy

Anonymous said...

Think Trevor Adams full frontal is real ?

Sassy said...


I sure like to think so. ;)

Actually I have other pics of him from different photographers and it looks like what you see is what you get. What a happy thought.