Sunday, December 12, 2010


I have never been much into labels.

I can understand a persons need to know their place in the grand scheme of things. What I don't understand is this almost desperate drive to put everyone in a labeled slot. If you are A, you cannot be B, etc.

This frustrates me, especially when people try to define sexuality.

It is laughable to think that something so complex as a human being can be neatly slotted by a label. I don't believe in the limits of Straight or Gay/Lesbian. I believe that we are all sexual beings and while we may have a preference for a certain "type", that does not limit or exclude something from outside the box if we should choose to sample it. Add in the fact that humans are highly emotional beings and the sky is the limit.

One of my favorite examples is from high school.

To outside appearances we were all "straight", labeled as 3 Jocks and a Stoner. Unlikely friends drawn together by similar childhood experiences. Though we had minimal association during school hours, after school was likely to find the four of us together sharing a joint and just hanging out. Most typically the 3 of us would be draped over the wrestler, by far the largest of our group, cuddling and petting.

Ocassionally we broke into random pairs for sex, more typically it was 2 or 3 on one and the one would alternate depending on the moods of the whole.

On this particular ocassion we had the keys to a neighbors beach house and the weekend to ourselves. We drove up and down the coast, stopping to play in the surf as the whim took us. We headed back to the beach house around midnight and jumped into the shower, laughing hysterically as we all tried to squeeze in at the same time, fully dressed. Sipping Apple Brandy and plucking at each others clothing, we headed off towards the main bedroom where we touched and loved and played for hours. We finally collapsed near dawn in a tangled heap of bodies and limbs.

Exhausted, satisfied, content. A beautiful experience we would have missed if we had paid attention to the labels.

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Spartan said...

I here you Sassy, great post and definitely my opinion is the same, if truth be told we are all adaptable in the sexual spectrum, i wouldn't label myself either straight or gay but somewhere in that vast ocean of possibilities!

After all why put limits on your sexual experience? be open to either sex is the best way IMO.

There are a lot of straight guys who cannot admit to themselves that they're also attracted to men.

It's a shame for people like that, they limit themselves.

lots love Spartan X