Monday, November 8, 2010

Diving in...

I have pre-registered at the local 2yr. and since it has been so long since I last attended I now get to re-take the assessment tests...ugh. I want to go back to school but I am very nervous about it. Not that I am giving myself time to think it over. I am sure I would back out if I did, especially with the excuse that I am working full-time, but boy what a chunk to bite off.

I love so many, music, photography, search and rescue, animal training... One of my greatest and most consistent loves though, is language. My entire family was multi-lingual except for me. My father wouldn't allow it. So now that I have only myself to please, I am going to attempt a language studies degree. Russian, Japanese, German, French and Italian.

What I will do with this degree, who knows. I just know I would love to have it.

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chrissymunder said...

Congratulations on starting yet another exciting and new adventure.