Monday, September 20, 2010

Road Trip

I have been restless lately, edgy. It happens when I am in one place for too long, although too long is subjective at the best of times.

While I love having somewhere to come "home" to, having spent so much of my life traveling, I have difficulties staying in one place for long. I feel compressed as if I were deep underwater, my breath strangled. To say I become brutally impatient and aggressive with others is being polite.

I need to move, to be free. A road trip eases the urges, tempers them.

Grabbing a friend or four, taking off, blasting music, being able to spend mindless time enjoying others for a day or two calms me. It dulls the sharpness I feel.

To really get it out of my system though, I need a night trip, somewhere isolated. Alone in the dark, driving the road less traveled. Draped in silence with only the headlights of a few passing vehicles for company. Driving until I am exhausted or the first lightening of the sky, then finding a hotel or somewhere to stay for the daylight hours and starting anew with the dusk.

Sometimes it takes days to relieve my tension, to let the clutter in my head settle, but the dark stillness always heals me.

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