Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Kink Thing

I am a devoted reader of gay stories. Romance, erotica or just plain porn I love it all.  Most especially I love when the story has a strong D/s or BDSM theme.

Reading these stories brings out the voyeur in me. I want to be right there watching or directing. Seeing a sweetly submissive, reddened bottom high in the air, tied tightly so he can't move...delicious.
I want to hear the slapping of bodies, the gasps, moans, whimpers, begging. Smelling the sweat and sex and cum. This makes me very happy.

My likes are simple and quite honestly, by the standards of most persons involved in the lifestyle, on the tame side. Body worship, bondage, spankings/flogging, orgasm denial, voyeurism. Imagine my surprise when chatting in a BDSM readers group when I start getting flak for being "too dark".

I'm sorry. What...? Too dark?!

What in the hell kind of BDSM are you all reading if I am too dark? To those involved in more intense aspects of BDSM I am like a fluffy pink bunny. ....grumbles....too dark.....oh, puh-lease.

Seriously people, you were offended because the protagonist was "mean" to the sub? Another went so far as to mention that voyeurism is classified as a psychosexual disorder.....

Well yea. If you are talking about the creepy, stalker, out to get you kind of voyeurism where the person(s) being viewed are clueless and non-consenting.

Remember the whole "Safe, Sane, Consensual" thing?

Obviously I need to find a new place to chat about the things I like to read.

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Jez said...

Hmm, well love let me clarify something for you. These people that you mentioned are the people that have fantasies in the very back recess of the mind and only allow it to consciously come out every 10 years or so b/c hey there human and eventually need to get off. There repressed & closed minded - and generally speaking the ones that protest the most are the ones that desire those things the most - they protest b/c they feel that if they go along with the rest of the vanilla ridden society that they will not every be looked at & called out as a freak or psycho blah blah blah. I feel the most pity for these people b/c they have desires and needs they are not fulfilling in themselves & b/c of that will never know true happiness. - Gypsy