Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stalking and Inspiration

I have always paid attention to all aspects of the human form. Especially male. I love how men look and their scent and the weird funny things they do. That was part of the inspiration for this blog, though not the origin of it. The original intent as a reviewing site for M/M BDSM and D/s erotica has morphed into a ramblings and picture blog and I am having a blast.

I flirt and get flirted with quite a bit. While men are quick to start flirting, they are sometimes thrown by my aggressive personality. I don't mean the aggression in a bad way, it's just who I am and it is not unusual for someone to quickly back off and decide flirting with me wasn't the best idea.

There are those however, who simply roll their eyes and give me shit right back. I adore those special personalities and we often become good friends.

I recently introduced myself via email to the fabulous Kip Herr. He runs both ABSoluteMen.com and BeautifulMen4U.com. Fantastic places to get pictures of hot men of all types and in all positions.

When I sent the original email I told Kip that I loved his sites and was a stalker. Kip replied with gratitude that I found his site interesting enough to stalk. He then said I was only allowed to be the "good" kind of stalker, I could not be the bad kind. How freaking great is that? I love that attitude. :)

I have sent Kip some pictures I found interesting and he put a couple of them in with several of his own to create a spectacular leather layout. It is incredibly hot. I am inspired. Again.

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