Sunday, August 1, 2010

Spreading the Love

I haven't been reading a lot this week. I have been busy stalking new blogs and chatting about erotica. One of the discussion groups I belong to recently listened to my suggestion and read Little Japan by Jaye Valentine and Reno McLeod.

The people in this group are pretty vocal about what they do or don't enjoy reading. Little Japan won unanimous approval and deservedly so.

Tension, angst, danger, love and (hot!) sex were blended in absolute perfection. The story is a mixed up triangle between three lovely men and yet it isn't only about them. There is also a fair sized cast of supporting characters. Jaye and Reno managed to make all of these men not only meaningful to the story but important to the reader as well.

I can lose myself in a story like this. It was so well written I felt like I was inside the characters, seeing and experiencing what they were. The requisite HEA/HFN was obtained in a satisfying manner.

One of the best things for me, but maybe not as appreciated by the authors (sorry in advance guys) is the fact that I got some really good fantasy masturbation material out of it.


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