Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Flirt

She's gorgeous. Smooth dark skin and big hazel-green eyes. I don't know her age. She has a flawless look and could be anywhere from 25 - 40.

She always dresses simply, in muted tones except for one spot of outrageously bright color. Sometimes it is her glossy purple eyeshadow or her brilliant pink earrings. Sometimes it is a large colored flower pinned to her dark curls.

We have been flirting for a couple of months now. I visit her store several times a week for business, during periods I know she will be working. I have never asked her name nor given mine, we don't require the exchange.

I enjoy watching her while I am waiting in line. She is friendly and personable to everyone. Small head tosses and winks are freely given but the little added huskiness in her voice, the slow glance from under her lashes, those are for me.

Occasionally, I wonder what she thinks of our moments. I believe that she is an opportunistic flirt, much as I am and it is lovely to play the game with someone who really, deeply gets it.

Our exchanges are always brief, never more than a couple minutes. From the time she notices me in her line and gives me the first little stare and that slow, shy grin my attention is focused on her.

What ever her thoughts or intentions, I look forward to our small interludes. She keeps me coming back for more.

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